Greening Crookham Village Parish

Community Action against Climate Change

Welcome to Greening Crookham Village Parish

In 2020, Hampshire County Council declared a ‘Climate Emergency’ and challenged parishes and residents to cut their carbon emissions to help to save our environment.

The Greening Campaign has successfully empowered communities to play their part in this all over Hampshire and Crookham Village Parish has joined the fight.

Greening Crookham Village Parish aims to inform and advise every household of simple, cheap and effective behavioural and lifestyle changes that they can make to not only reduce their carbon footprint, but also save them money.

Small Changes, HUGE Impact

Aims and Objectives


  1. To demonstrate that small actions, when taken together, make big savings
  2. To create a sense that tackling climate change is possible
  3. To stop people feeling isolated and depressed about climate change
  4. To galvanise the community behind taking action against climate change


  1. To get as many people as possible in the community to make small changes in their energy behaviours at home
  2. To identify the monetary and environmental savings made by the community

The Greening Campaign Blueprint

The Road Ahead

Being community-led, these lifestyle changes are decided by those who wish to make them – you. We will decide which changes are most suitable in our own lives and make a commitment to action as many as possible.

By sharing our successes, we can not only spur on our friends and neighbours to join us, but also count to overall savings that we have made in terms of CO2 emissions and more tangibly – money in our pockets.

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